1. Board of Directors
Bethel Bible College is governed by a Board of Directors as stipulated in the Constitution and By-laws of the Malayalam District Council of the Assemblies of God. The Board of Directors consists of the following officials. 
  •  Superintendent of the Malayalam District Council 
  •  Superintendent of the SIAG 
  •  India Field Fellowship Personnel
  •  Principal of the College 
  •  Assistant Superintendent of the Malayalam District Council
  •  Secretary of the Malayalam District Council. 
  •  Representative of the Faculty of Bethel Bible College.
The Board of Directors decides on major policy matters of the College for the smooth functioning and development of the College. An Advisory Board comprising of competent persons from the fields of theology. ministry, education, business and law were constituted in 2006.

2. Administrative Committee
The Administrative committee of the College, consisting of the teaching faculty, under the chairmanship of the Principal, implements the directions of the Board of Directors and runs the day-to-day affairs of the college.
Rev.K.J Mathew
Rev.T.S Samuel Kutty
Vice Principal & Academic Dean
Rev.Johnson Samuel
Rev.A Jose
Rev. D.Joy
Dean of Students
Rev. Finny George
HMC Director
 Evg. Roby T David
 Asst. Librarian